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The Avengers


High Value: $7,900

Minimum Value: $94

The Avengers #2 (1963)

The Avengers #2 (1963) is an exciting comic book that finds our heroes in a precarious situation. During their meeting, an extraterrestrial named Space Phantom arrives, determined to defeat the Avengers and pave the way for an invasion of his people. In an attempt to infiltrate their headquarters, the Space Phantom takes on the identity of a passerby and transports them to Limbo. The Avengers soon catch wind of the intruder, and the Hulk is the first to confront him. However, the Space Phantom takes on the form of the Hulk, leaving the team unaware and confused. Chaos ensues as the Space Phantom wreaks havoc and Iron Man, along with Giant Man and the Wasp, must save the day.

As an expert in comic books, we know the significance of The Avengers #2 (1963) and its place in comic book history. It's a great addition to any collector's shelf and is a must-read for fans of the Avengers franchise. Get in touch with us if you're interested in selling your comic book collection, as we value our customers and their trust in our expertise.

High Value: $6,100

Minimum Value: $74

The Avengers #3 (1964)

In The Avengers #3, we see the Hulk and Namor The Sub-Mariner teaming up against our beloved Avengers team. The story begins with the remaining Avengers looking for the Hulk to bring him back to the team. Iron Man contacts other heroes, but they are all too busy with their own affairs. Thor suggests reaching out to Rick Jones, who eventually finds the Hulk fishing for a car in a nearby lake and brings him to Bruce Banner's hidden laboratory.

Unfortunately, the radiation dosage is too weak, and the Hulk unexpectedly transforms back into Banner, causing chaos. The Hulk escapes and ends up fighting Iron Man, Giant Man, the Wasp, and Thor. The Hulk even throws a caboose at Iron Man and tangles Thor in a steel cable. But he eventually teams up with Namor, and they form an alliance against the Avengers.

The Avengers take a jet bathyscaphe to Gibraltar where their antagonists await them in a cave used by the British in World War II. A battle ensues, and although the Hulk changes back to Bruce Banner and has to run away to avoid revealing his secret identity, Namor refuses to surrender. In the end, a trickle of water from the cavern wall restores enough of Namor's strength to allow him to break free and escape.

Overall, this classic story shows us the unpredictable nature of the Hulk while giving us a glimpse into the powerful abilities of Namor The Sub-Mariner. If you're looking to add this comic to your collection or want to sell it, Comics Into Cash is your go-to source for knowledge and fair pricing.

High Value: $3,800

Minimum Value: $45

The Avengers #57 (1968)

In The Avengers #57 (1968), things were already off to a confusing start. The Vision, quite possibly the most robotic Avenger was making an appearance at the Mansion. Now, was he there with pure intentions and hopes of peace, or was he up to something more troublesome? The archer Hawkeye had decided to take it upon himself to find out. Black Widow, a former KGB agent, was urged by Hawkeye to put her villainous days behind her. Of course, that was easier said than done.

What truly makes this issue special is that it marks the premiere of the Vision himself. At the time, he was a character unlike any other, with an array of abilities that made him an extremely valuable asset to the Avengers team. However, things aren't always that straightforward. The Vision eventually turned on his own team. The Avengers were caught off guard and had no choice but to fight back. Eventually, the Vision overcame his programming and revealed the motive, and that he was created by the evil AI Ultron.

If you're lucky enough to have a copy of The Avengers #57 (1968), then you have something special in your hands. The first appearance of the Vision is a highly sought-after comic and can fetch a pretty penny on the market. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free appraisal or to sell your collection to us. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable in the world of comic books and will get you a fair price.

High Value: $3,800

Minimum Value: $45

The Avengers #9 (1964)

The Avengers #9 is a classic comic book that will have you on the edge of your seat. This issue features Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil as they transform Simon Williams into Wonder Man and send him on a dangerous mission to infiltrate the Avengers. However, things take a surprising turn as Wonder Man ends up becoming an ally with the Avengers, even though it ultimately comes at the cost of his own life. This issue is filled with action, suspense, and unexpected twists that will leave you wanting more. Plus, the cover is a nod to a previous classic comic book, All-Star Comics #6, making it a must-have for any avid collector. Trust us, this is an issue you don't want to miss.

High Value: $3,500

Minimum Value: $42

The Avengers #6 (1964)

In Avengers #6 (1964), Captain America is still mourning the death of Bucky while the team is refueling their helicopter in Chicago. They console him with fan mail as they head back to New York. Meanwhile, in a remote South American jungle enclave, Baron Zemo is enraged to hear that Captain America is still alive, and he orders his pilot to locate three people to help him obtain revenge. In New York, the Black Knight, Melter, and Radioactive Man unleash havoc by spraying adhesive all over the city. The Avengers attack but are forced to retreat when they become glued to the street. Iron Man later cuts them out and tows them back to headquarters. Will the Avengers find a way to defeat the Masters of Evil and save New York City? If you have this comic book, contact us for a free appraisal or to sell your comic book collection to us for a fair price.

High Value: $3,400

Minimum Value: $41

The Avengers #5 (1964)

When it comes to iconic comic book series, The Avengers #5 from 1964 is an absolute must-have for any serious comic book collector. In this thrilling issue, the Avengers are struggling to repair their damaged headquarters in the aftermath of a brutal battle with the Hulk. Meanwhile, a strange and destructive sound is tearing apart an artillery computer and causing chaos and destruction all around. Thor, Captain America, and Rick Jones are on the case, but their investigation leads them to a shocking discovery – a subterranean race of Lava Men with a diabolical plot to conquer the surface world. With epic battles, shocking twists, and high-stakes action around every corner, The Avengers #5 is a true masterpiece of the classic comic book era. If you have this incredible issue in your collection, be sure to reach out to Comics Into Cash for a free appraisal or to explore the possibility of selling your collection to us. We offer fair prices and are always looking for top-quality comic book collections to add to our inventory.

High Value: $3,000

Minimum Value: $36

The Avengers #11 (1964)

In this fascinating and action-packed edition of The Avengers, you'll witness Spider-Man embroiled in a battle of epic proportions with Kang the Conqueror. The plot thickens as Kang manages to create a robot double of our web-slinging hero, deploying it to lure the Avengers into his trap. It's a classic tale of good vs. evil that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

If you're fortunate enough to own a copy of The Avengers #11 (1964), you may be sitting on a goldmine. We at Comics Into Cash are experts at appraising comics, and we'll provide you with a free assessment of your collection. With our years of experience, we'll offer you a fair price for your comic books, ensuring that you get the best possible deal. Contact us today to learn more!

High Value: $2,800

Minimum Value: $33

The Avengers #48 (1968)

In this issue of The Avengers, we discover that Olympus has been abandoned and our hero, Hercules, sets off on a quest for answers. Meanwhile, Dane Whitman is inspired to use his uncle's invention for good and becomes the new Black Knight. Unfortunately, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are being held against their will by Magneto in Garrett Castle. Despite their refusal to rejoin The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Magneto refuses to let them go. Luckily, Quicksilver manages to reach out to The Avengers for help. With only Jarvis at the mansion, the rest of our heroes are scattered across the country. But fear not, for Hawkeye, Pym, and Wasp come to the rescue while Hercules is still reeling from the state of Olympus. The issue also features the first appearance of Dane Whitman as the Black Knight. Will our heroes be able to save Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch and stop Magneto's evil plan? Find out in The Avengers #48.

High Value: $2,600

Minimum Value: $31

The Avengers #7 (1964)

The Avengers #7 (1964) is a true gem in the world of comics. This issue will take you on a wild ride from Asgard to Earth. Odin, the ruler of Asgard, banishes Enchantress and Executioner to Earth, where they meet up with the infamous Baron Zemo. Together, they concoct a plan to bring down the ultimate superhero, Captain America. Will they succeed or will the Avengers save the day? Find out in this action-packed issue that is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat. Trust us, as the experts in comic books, we know a great story when we see one. Don't miss out on the chance to own this classic comic and add it to your collection. Contact Comics Into Cash today to get your appraisal and sell your collection.

High Value: $2,500

Minimum Value: $30

The Avengers #16 (1965)

In The Avengers #16, we witness history in the making as the iconic superhero team takes its first step towards a new era. As tensions rise within the Avengers, they realize that they need to take a break and make some changes if they want to stay on top of their game.

But who will take their place? This issue introduces a brand-new line-up of Avengers, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. Fans of Iron Man, Thor, and Ant-Man will be pleased to see them return to the team alongside new recruits like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

As always, the fate of the world hangs in the balance as the Avengers face off against some of their most formidable foes yet. But with Captain America at the helm, you can rest assured that this team has what it takes to save the day.

Whether you're a longtime comic book fan or a newcomer to the world of superheroes, The Avengers #16 is a must-read issue that sets the stage for an exciting new chapter in Avengers history. So why not add it to your collection today and see for yourself what all the fuss is about?

High Value: $1,800

Minimum Value: $21

The Avengers #10 (1964)

My friend, allow me to present to you The Avengers #10 (1964). This magnificent issue tells the tale of Immortus, a powerful being who seeks the help of The Masters Of Evil in his quest to destroy the mighty Avengers. Will they succeed in their nefarious plan? Only time will tell.

If you are in possession of this splendid comic book, allow me to offer you a fair price for your collection. At Comics Into Cash, we pride ourselves on our expertise in the world of comics and our reputation for being trustworthy and reliable. Contact us today for a free appraisal, and let us help you turn your comic book collection into cash.

High Value: $1,700

Minimum Value: $20

The Avengers #28 (1966)

In the world of comic books, The Avengers #28 (1966) is a true gem that every comic book collector should have their eyes on. The story follows Hank Pym, who turns to the Avengers for help when his partner, the Wasp, goes missing. In his return, Pym dons a new costume and takes on the new identity of Goliath, something that will excite fans of the comic book series.

But little did the team know that their foe, the Collector, has set his sights on them and enlisted the help of the Beetle to capture them all and add them to his collection. Readers will be on the edge of their seats as the Avengers face off against the Beetle and try to protect themselves from being captured.

As a reputable and trustworthy comic book business, Comics Into Cash understands the value of a rare comic book like The Avengers #28. With our extensive knowledge of the comic book world and our fair appraisals, we're the perfect place to sell your collection directly. Don't hesitate to contact us today to learn more!

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