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Straight Arrow


High Value: $1,000

Minimum Value: $12

Straight Arrow #3 (1950)

Straight Arrow #3 (1950) is a must-have for collectors of classic western comics. In this issue, we follow the adventures of Steve Adams, a Native American hero known as Straight Arrow, who fights for justice on the frontier. The story features intense action and drama as Straight Arrow takes on a corrupt rancher who's been using his power to terrorize the local town. With his trusty horse, Fury, by his side, Straight Arrow uses his strength, agility, and sharpshooting skills to save the day. This issue is a prime example of the genre and a testament to the creativity of the series' creators. If you're looking to add some vintage western comics to your collection, Straight Arrow #3 (1950) is a must-read. Contact Comics Into Cash today to see how much your collection could be worth.

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