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High Value: $3,100

Minimum Value: $38

Four Color #92 (1946)

Four Color #92, published in 1946, features two iconic characters: Pinocchio and Donald Duck. In this comic book, Donald Duck tries to be Pinocchio and hilariously fails at every turn. The story is filled with adventure, comedy, and heartwarming moments that are sure to delight any reader.

As one of the earliest comics featuring Disney characters, Four Color #92 has become a collector's item for fans of both Pinocchio and Donald Duck. Its delightful storytelling and nostalgic artwork make it a true gem in the world of comic books.

At Comics Into Cash, we understand the value of rare and collectible comics like Four Color #92. Our expertise in the comic book industry ensures that you will receive a fair appraisal and offer for your collection. Trust in our reputation and knowledge to make selling your collection a stress-free and profitable experience.

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