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Leopard Girl


High Value: $1,200

Minimum Value: $15

Jungle Action #1 (1954)

Ah, my dear friend, have you heard of Jungle Action #1? This rare comic book holds within its pages a thrilling adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The story follows the Trail of Sudden Death and the Survival of the Mighty. You'll meet unforgettable characters like Elephant Boy and witness the Skulls of Bleak River. But that's not all, my friend. The debut of Leopard Girl and Man-Oo will captivate your imagination and leave you wanting more. If you happen to have this comic book in your collection, know that it holds a significant value. Contact us for a free appraisal or to sell your collection. We pride ourselves on offering fair prices and building trustworthy relationships with our customers. Trust us to take care of your beloved comic book collection.

High Value: $1,200

Minimum Value: $14

Jungle Action #2 (1954)

If you're lucky enough to have a copy of Jungle Action #2, you're sitting on a piece of comic book history, my friend. This 1954 gem is a must-have for any serious collector. Let's talk about what makes it so special.

First up, we've got Red Poison. This story takes us deep into the heart of the jungle, where danger lurks around every corner. When a man is found dead with a mysterious red powder on his face, our hero must unravel the clues to find the killer and save the day.

Next, we've got The Mystery of Kula Mountain! This one is all about uncovering hidden secrets and ancient artifacts. When a group of explorers stumble upon a lost civilization, they soon discover that the treasures they seek may be more dangerous than they ever imagined.

But that's not all! Jungle Magic is a tale of mystical powers and ancient rituals. When a tribe is threatened by a group of outsiders, they enlist the help of a powerful shaman to protect their land. But at what cost?

Last but not least, we have Cry in the Night! This one is a classic whodunit, set in the heart of the jungle. When a wealthy businessman is found dead in his tent, our hero must use his detective skills to find the killer before it's too late.

So, if you happen to have a copy of Jungle Action #2, you know what to do. Get in touch with us today for a free appraisal or to sell your collection. We're always looking for quality comics like this one, and we'll make sure you get a fair price for your treasures.

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