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High Value: $16,000

Minimum Value: $200

Super-Mystery Comics #1 (1940)

Super-Mystery Comics #1 is a classic comic book filled to the brim with thrilling stories and exciting characters. The book kicks off with the origin story of Vulcan the Volcanic Man, which takes up a whopping 11 pages. The character of Vulcan is a unique and intriguing one, and his story is sure to captivate readers from start to finish.

Next up is The Flame Maiden, a fast-paced 8-page adventure featuring Corporal Flint, penned by the legendary Lester Dent. Then, we have The Octopus Gang, a gripping 14-page tale featuring Magno, written by Robert Turner and Lou Ferstadt. This story is packed full of action, suspense, and intrigue, making it a must-read for any fan of comic books.

Revolt In South America is up next, featuring Sky Smith in an 8-page story that will leave readers on the edge of their seats. The Countess and the Spy is another standout, with 12 pages of thrilling espionage action featuring Agent Q-13. And let's not forget Blazing the Santa Fe Trail (2 pages) and Sands of Doom (9 pages), which round out this incredible collection of stories.

Overall, Super-Mystery Comics #1 is a true masterpiece of the comic book genre. With its unforgettable characters, gripping storylines, and stunning artwork, it's no wonder that this book has become a beloved classic over the years. So if you're looking for a great read that will keep you entertained for hours on end, look no further than Super-Mystery Comics #1!

High Value: $16,000

Minimum Value: $200

Web of Mystery #1 (1951)

If you're an avid collector of comic books, you know that some stories are more spine-tingling than others. Take, for instance, Web of Mystery #1, published in 1951 by Ace Comics. This horror-themed comic won't fail to give you goosebumps with its stories like "The Curse of the Beckoning Mummy" and "Venom of the Vampires". The cover alone, featuring a woman in bed with a giant snake and a zombie witch doctor, is enough to make your heart skip a beat. At Comics Into Cash, we specialize in purchasing comic book collections, and if you're the lucky owner of Web of Mystery #1, we urge you to get in touch! We offer free appraisals and guarantee to provide a fair price for your collection. Trust us when we say that we know a great comic book when we see one!

High Value: $6,000

Minimum Value: $72

Super-Mystery Comics #2 (1940)

Super-Mystery Comics #2 is a must-read for any comic book fan looking to get their hands on a classic. In this issue, we get to meet an array of fascinating characters that are sure to leave you on the edge of your seat.

First up is Magno, the magnetic man, who has the power to strike terror into the foes of law and order. With 15 pages dedicated to Magno's adventures, you'll get to see firsthand why he's such a force to be reckoned with.

Next, we have Sky Smith, a skilled and daring individual who has been hired for his abilities. Over 10 pages, you'll get to see Sky put his skills to the test and come out on top.

Vulcan, whose nickname is Fire Bug, is another captivating character featured in this issue. He visits his boss, Mike Raddin, in prison over 12 pages, and what unfolds is nothing short of intriguing.

We also get to meet Agent Q-13 by Malcolm Kildale, a mysterious figure who operates in a city plagued by insidious forces. Over 10 pages, you'll get to witness Agent Q-13 in action and see why they're such a valuable asset to the city.

Corporal Flint, also known as 'Breed' Duval, is another character you'll get to meet in this issue. Over 8 pages, you'll get to see Corporal Flint navigate a tricky situation and come out on top.

Mark Murdock, crime crushing D.A., is the last character we get introduced to in this issue. Over 7 pages, you'll get to follow Mark Murdock as he tackles some of the toughest crime cases and brings the bad guys to justice.

And let's not forget about The Hideout Gun, a two-page feature that'll have you on the edge of your seat.

Overall, Super-Mystery Comics #2 is a classic comic book that is sure to satisfy any true fan. With its memorable characters, engaging storylines, and fantastic artwork, this is a must-have for any comic book collection.

High Value: $5,800

Minimum Value: $69

Web of Mystery #18 (1953)

Web of Mystery #18 is a bone-chilling horror comic from 1953 that will make your hair stand on end. The story follows a man named Paul who inherits his uncle's mansion, but soon discovers that the family curse is still very much alive and well. As Paul uncovers the dark secrets of his ancestors, he finds himself trapped in a web of madness and terror.

If you happen to have a copy of Web of Mystery #18 in your possession, you'll want to reach out to Comics Into Cash for a free appraisal or to sell your comic book collection. With our extensive knowledge of comic books and our reputation for providing fair prices, you can trust that you'll be in good hands. Don't hesitate to contact us today!

High Value: $4,800

Minimum Value: $57

Lightning Comics #4 (1940)

Lightning Comics #4 (1940) features the first appearance of the villainous vampire hunter known as The Claw in a thrilling story titled "The Menace of the Claw." The Claw, sporting his signature razor-sharp metal claw hand, sets out to rid the world of all vampires. Meanwhile, reporter Bob Preston investigates a series of mysterious killings in the city, ultimately finding himself face to face with The Claw himself. This issue is a must-read for fans of classic horror comics and features dynamic artwork that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add this issue to your collection!

High Value: $4,500

Minimum Value: $54

Super-Mystery Comics #3 (1940)

This particular volume is a true treasure, showcasing the impressive artwork of legendary comic book illustrator Harry Lucey. Super-Mystery Comics #3 (1940), features a thrilling array of characters and storylines, providing readers with a captivating and entertaining experience from cover to cover.

We begin in a bustling midwestern city, where we follow the heroic escapades of Magno, a powerful and daring superhero who is sure to capture the hearts of any comic book fan. We then encounter Sky Smith, a daring soldier of fortune who takes to the skies to fight for justice and protect the innocent. The adventure continues to unfold as we meet Vulcan, a mysterious and enigmatic hero, who operates from his hidden lair beneath a volcanic island.

The action-packed pages also feature Agent Q-13, who takes on a challenging assignment that puts his skills and resourcefulness to the test. The mysterious and formidable Black Spider also makes an appearance, instilling terror in the hearts of all those who dare to cross his path. The volume concludes with a thrilling tale of Corporal Andy Flint, who is on a mission to uncover the truth and save the day.

If you or someone you know is in possession of Super-Mystery Comics #3 (1940), we urge you to contact us for a free appraisal or to sell your comic book collection. We take pride in our reputation for providing fair prices and exceptional service to our customers.

High Value: $3,500

Minimum Value: $42

Fight Comics #32 (1944)

Fight Comics #32 is a captivating piece of comic book history, boasting a colorful cast of characters and an engaging storyline that is sure to draw in readers of all ages. This issue features The Fighting Yank, a patriotic hero who battles against the forces of evil in the midst of World War II. Alongside him are other beloved characters such as The Black Terror and Kitten, adding to the overall excitement of the tale. The artwork in Fight Comics #32 is superb, with dynamic illustrations and bold colors that leap off the page. If you are lucky enough to possess this gem from 1944, do not hesitate to reach out to Comics Into Cash for a free appraisal or to sell your comic book collection. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing fair prices for all collections and ensuring that your beloved comics find a new home with an appreciative audience. Trust in our reputation and expertise - Comics Into Cash is the perfect destination to help you turn your comic book collection into cash.

High Value: $3,400

Minimum Value: $40

Weird Mysteries #6 (1953)

Weird Mysteries #6 from 1953 is a true gem in the world of comic books. This spooky anthology features six bone-chilling tales that will send shivers down your spine. In one story, a man is haunted by the vengeful spirit of his murdered wife. In another, a group of explorers stumble upon an ancient temple with a deadly secret. And in yet another, a man makes a deal with the devil for immortality, only to regret it soon after.

If you happen to have Weird Mysteries #6 in your possession, you may have a valuable and sought-after item on your hands. At Comics Into Cash, we specialize in purchasing comic book collections and we're always on the lookout for rare and unique pieces like this one. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free appraisal or to sell your collection. We pride ourselves on our reputation for fair pricing and expert knowledge of the comic book industry.

High Value: $3,200

Minimum Value: $39

Thrilling Comics #40 (1944)

When it comes to comic book collections, we at Comics Into Cash are experts in our field. One comic that stands out is Thrilling Comics #40 from 1944. This comic features a variety of thrilling stories that are sure to captivate any reader. One such story is Commando Cubs, a tale about a group of brave young soldiers. Another story, Doc Strange Forest Fire, follows the adventures of a fearless doctor as he battles the flames. A Story of the Rangeland is a short but sweet story, while Lone Eagle Young Naturalists tells the tale of a group of young nature enthusiasts. Ghost Smithy's Son is a haunting story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and Lucky Lawrence is an exciting adventure that is not to be missed. For those looking to get a collection appraised or sell their collection directly, Comics Into Cash is the go-to destination. Trust us to give you a fair and accurate assessment of your comics.

High Value: $3,100

Minimum Value: $38

Lightning Comics #6 (1941)

Lightning Comics #6 (1941) is a classic comic book that tells the thrilling story of "The Black X." The comic follows the vigilante as he seeks to stop a dangerous gang of criminals who are attempting to overthrow the government.

As the story unfolds, readers are taken on a whirlwind adventure full of suspense and action. "The Black X" proves to be a formidable opponent as he uses his cunning and quick reflexes to outsmart his enemies.

The artwork in Lightning Comics #6 is expertly crafted, with bold lines and vivid colors that bring the story to life. The characters are well-defined, and the action sequences are truly breathtaking.

Overall, Lightning Comics #6 is a must-read for anyone who loves classic comic book storytelling. With its engaging plot, dynamic characters, and stunning artwork, this book is sure to leave a lasting impression on readers of all ages. So, if you're looking for a comic book that embodies the very best of the genre, look no further than Lightning Comics #6.

High Value: $3,100

Minimum Value: $38

Lightning Comics #5 (1941)

Lightning Comics #5 (1941) features the adventures of the mysterious soldier of fortune known as the Phantom Sphinx. In this issue, the Sphinx finds himself in a dangerous battle against the villainous Black Shroud, who is using a powerful weapon to wreak havoc on innocent civilians. Will the Phantom Sphinx be able to stop the Black Shroud and save the day? You'll have to read this thrilling issue to find out!

If you happen to have a copy of Lightning Comics #5 in your possession, you might be holding onto a valuable piece of comic book history. At Comics Into Cash, we specialize in appraising and purchasing comic book collections, especially those that have been passed down through generations. Contact us today for a free appraisal or to sell your collection for a fair price. Our reputation for knowledge and fairness in the comic book market is unmatched, and we're eager to work with you.

High Value: $2,900

Minimum Value: $34

Super-Mystery Comics #6 (1941)

Super-Mystery Comics #6 (1941) is a treasure trove of classic comic book stories! Featuring superstars like Magno, Sky Smith, Vulcan, Agent Q-13, Black Spider, and Captain Gallant, this issue has something for everyone. Witness epic battles and thrilling adventures as our heroes save the day time and time again. Whether you're a long-time collector or a new fan, this comic book is a must-have addition to your collection. And if you're lucky enough to already have a copy of this rare gem, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Comics Into Cash. We'll provide you with a free appraisal and offer you a fair price for your comic book collection. Trust us, our reputation speaks for itself.

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