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"As part of an inheritance, my brothers and sisters & I were left to dispose of 12,000 comic books. None of us are comic book people so we started out being lost. I searched the web and contacted 3 of what I believed to be the best in the business. One told me they were not interested in collections this year. Another was interested but did not return my future e-mails.  Infinity Comics called me within hours of my e-mail and spent more time explaining the comic book world to me than actually trying to make a deal. At first, I was more interested in getting rid of the books but the more I listened the more I understood the value of our inheritance. Long story short, after several weeks of educational phone calls and a bit of organization, Infinity arrived at my house, evaluated the books and in less than a days time the books were gone and I was left holding a very fat check and a smile. I would recommend Infinity Comics to anyone who has comic books to sell, at least contact them, you can thank me later. " -A.F. 


"We sold a large quantity of comic books to these guys and they were awesome to work with. David and Jamie are pure business professionals. They clearly outlined their interest in our books and how the purchase would work from beginning to end. They were very accessible by phone and text and returned both in a timely fashion." -D.G.


"David is so on top of things and it is like talking to a great friend right when you first meet him. Same with Jamie, lots of great stories and laughs. Loved doing business with them, and highly recommend them. I immediately called a friend to tell him if he ever wants to sell his comic collection - these are the guys to deal with."  -S.G.


"Infinity made selling my comic book collection easy and fast. They paid the shipping and sent me mailing labels to put on the boxes and then sent UPS to my home to pick them up. In about 3 days they sent me a check for exactly what I ask for with no haggling over the price. They are the best place to sell your comics and I highly recommend them." -B.P. 

Certified Guaranty Company Comic Book Dealer

Because Trust Matters

Think all comic book buyers are alike? Think again! Infinity Comics LLC is a CGC Authorized Dealer. Only the best-of-the-best meet this high standard. This means our company is established and trusted in the industry.

Our knowledgeable buyers can assess and value your comic collection quickly and easily. You can trust our buyers to be professional and prompt when making an offer on your collection.  

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