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High Value: $2,900

Minimum Value: $34

Amazing Adult Fantasy #11 (1962)

Alright my friend, let's talk about Amazing Adult Fantasy #11 from 1962. This comic is a classic and for good reason. The story centers around alien invaders who send a shapeshifting scout to Earth in the form of a mosquito - who would have thought, right? But that's just the setup for a wild ride of a story. The issue includes some great titles like "Story Titles In Human Form! For The Rest Of Your Life!", "The Secret Of The Universe!", "The Ice-Monster Cometh!", and "Where Walks The Ghost?" Trust me, this comic is worth checking out. As always, Comics Into Cash is here to help you out if you're looking to sell or get an appraisal for this gem. And if you're just a fan and want to add some more classics to your collection, we've got you covered there too. Keep on reading, my friend! #AmazingAdultFantasy #MosquitoInvasion #ComicsIntoCash

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