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High Value: $1,500

Minimum Value: $18

Tales of Suspense #35 (1962)

In Tales of Suspense issue 35 from 1962, we are taken on a journey to the future, specifically the year 2065. The story revolves around a brave and ingenious pilot who refuses to let his decommission get in the way of achieving his goals. Meanwhile, an actor who lacks the skill for his craft seeks out a warlock for a serum that promises both success and hair growth. Can magic cure a lack of talent? And let's not forget about the thrilling Revolt of the Robots! In this issue, readers will also get to experience exciting features such as I Accepted The Deadly Challenge Of Zarkorr!, The Radio, I Must Enter The Tomb Of Tut-Am-Tut!, and The Crackpot Never Threaten A Witchman! At Comics Into Cash, we understand the value of comic book collections, especially those filled with exciting and timeless stories like Tales of Suspense #35. Trust us to provide accurate appraisals and fair prices for your cherished collections.

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