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Young Avengers


High Value: $1,000

Minimum Value: $12

Young Avengers #1 (2005)

Are you holding onto a copy of Young Avengers #1 (2005)? If so, Comics Into Cash is the place to be. This bad boy promises to shock and surprise - after all, it's written by TV superstar writer Allan Heinberg (you may know him from The O.C., Sex in The City, and Party of Five) and illustrated by Young Gun Jim Cheung. The story starts after the events of AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED and introduces a mysterious new group of teen superheroes, the Young Avengers. But who are they? Where did they come from? And what gives them the right to call themselves Young Avengers? The cover is also a homage to Giant-Size X-Men #1, making it a cool addition to any collection. Let us give you a free appraisal or buy your full collection at a fair price. You won't regret it!

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