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Will Elder


High Value: $1,700

Minimum Value: $21

MAD #22 (1955)

When it comes to iconic comic books, MAD #22 (1955) definitely deserves a spot on the list. This issue is often referred to as the "Art Issue" because it features a series of articles illustrated by the legendary Will Elder. These articles follow the artistic journey of one man, from childhood to old age. The illustrations are not only hilarious, but also incredibly detailed and masterfully executed.

What's great about this comic book is that it not only entertains, but also provides a unique perspective on the human experience. It shows us how we change and evolve as we age, and reminds us to embrace our inner child. Whether you're a fan of classic comic books or just appreciate great art, MAD #22 is definitely worth checking out.

As someone in the business of buying comic book collections, I can attest to the fact that this issue is highly sought after by collectors. Not only is it a fantastic addition to any collection, but it's also a great conversation starter. If you're looking to sell your comic book collection, be sure to include MAD #22 on your list of items to offer. And if you're simply looking for a good read, you can't go wrong with this classic issue of MAD.

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