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High Value: $880

Minimum Value: $10

Wendy The Good Little Witch #1 (1960)

Wendy The Good Little Witch #1 (1960) is a charming comic book about a sweet-natured young witch who uses her magical powers to help those in need. The first issue introduces us to Wendy and her coven of fellow witches, as well as her human friends Tommy and his little sister, Mary. In this fun, lighthearted story, Wendy uses her powers to help a group of animals who have been displaced by a forest fire, and ultimately saves the day with her quick thinking and kind heart. This comic is perfect for readers of all ages who enjoy fun adventures and heartwarming stories with lovable characters. At Comics Into Cash, we know the true value of beloved comic book classics like Wendy The Good Little Witch #1, and we're committed to offering fair prices to collectors looking to sell their collections. Trust us to provide you with knowledgeable appraisals and reliable service.

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