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Victor Laudin


High Value: $2,400

Minimum Value: $28

Comico Primer #2 (1983)

Comico Primer #2, published back in 1983, is a gem waiting to be discovered. This comic book features three intriguing stories that are guaranteed to tickle your fancy. "Brother's Keeper" by Andrew Murphy is a tale about familial loyalty and brotherhood, while "Judas Kiss" by Jim Alderman tells the story of a man who is willing to betray his own family to exact revenge on his enemies. However, the standout story is "Grendel" by Matt Wagner, which introduces us to the infamous Hunter Rose, aka Grendel.

In this story, Grendel calls his arch-nemesis Argent to inform him that he's going to eliminate City Councilman Everett Christie. Without skipping a beat, Grendel accomplishes his task in record time. As he tries to make his escape, Argent appears on the scene, and what follows is an electrifying battle between these two fierce foes. Grendel wounds Argent with his trusty electric fork before making a swift getaway.

If you're lucky enough to have Comico Primer #2 in your collection, don't hesitate to contact us for a free appraisal or to sell your collection. We pride ourselves on giving fair prices, and our reputation precedes us. Trust us to take the best care of your precious comic books.

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