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Vandoom's Creature


High Value: $1,800

Minimum Value: $21

Tales to Astonish #17 (1961)

In Tales to Astonish #17, we're treated to three thrilling stories. First up is the two-chapter adventure of Vandoom, The Man Who Made A Creature! It all starts with a creation in a wax museum being struck by lightning. As you can imagine, things get pretty wild from there! The second story, The Spirit Beware of the Ghastly Glass!, is a spooky tale that will make you think twice before entering any haunted rooms. And lastly, we have I Dared to Enter the Haunted Room!, which shares the story of a brave soul willing to face the terrors of a supposedly cursed room. Each of these tales packs a punch and will leave you on the edge of your seat. So if you're a fan of classic comic book storytelling, Tales to Astonish #17 is a must-read! As always, Comics Into Cash has you covered for all your comic book needs - including appraisals and purchasing collections. Trust us to give you the best value for your cherished comic books.

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