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Uncle Wiggily


High Value: $780

Minimum Value: $9

Four Color #179 (1948)

Four Color #179 (1948) is a classic comic book that is definitely worth reading. It's a great addition to any comic book collection. The collection features "The Better Half of Albert Angleworm," "Uncle Wiggly's Flying Shoes," "Homemade Skeeter Dope," "Uncle Wiggly Buries His Fortune," "The Flying Folding Bed," "Uncle Wiggly Plays Baseball," and "Uncle Wiggly Buys a New Hat."

In "The Better Half of Albert Angleworm," the character Albert is divided into two - one half is good and the other half is evil. In "Uncle Wiggly's Flying Shoes," the titular character gains the ability to fly. "Homemade Skeeter Dope" is all about keeping those pesky mosquitoes at bay. "Uncle Wiggly Buries His Fortune" sees the character hiding his treasure.

"The Flying Folding Bed" is a great comic where a bed becomes an airplane. "Uncle Wiggly Plays Baseball" is a classic sports story where the titular character plays against other woodland creatures. Lastly, "Uncle Wiggly Buys a New Hat" sees the character getting a new hat.

Four Color #179 (1948) is a fantastic read that is full of adventure and humor. It's a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. So, if you're looking for a classic comic book to add to your collection, be sure to pick up Four Color #179 (1948).

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