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High Value: $6,500

Minimum Value: $78

Amazing Adventures #1 (1961)

A must-read for any comic book collector out there is Amazing Adventures #1. This 1961 issue features a mysterious alien warrior named Torr who lands on Earth. The story follows the escapades of Ramsay and Carter who test their new radio telescope and, unbeknownst to them, attract Torr to their location. Torr switches bodies with Carter, and the adventure begins. Ramsay and Carter team up to observe humanity while trying to conceal Torr's existence to prevent his people from invading the planet. Ramsay grabs a gun and seemingly kills Carter's body, which has Torr trapped inside. Ramsay faces trial for murder, but before the sentence is passed, Carter revives, revealing his consciousness reverted back to his body. With Torr's death, the electromagnetic device crumbles into dust.

The issue also features Midnight in the Wax Museum, where the statues in the museum come to life at midnight, and I am the fantastic Dr. Droom!, where Dr. Droom travels to Tibet to aid a dying lama and faces many challenges to prove his worthiness to succeed him in fighting evil.

If you have Amazing Adventures #1 in your collection, you have a valuable piece of comic book history. Comics Into Cash is your go-to place to get your collection appraised and/or sell directly. Trust and reputation are our top priorities, and we ensure that you get the best value for your collection.

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