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High Value: $1,700

Minimum Value: $21

Tales to Astonish #10 (1960)

In the pages of Tales to Astonish #10 lies a gem of a story featuring Titano, a monster that time forgot. This giant crustacean wreaks havoc across the globe, menacing ships and ports alike. But that's not all - this issue also includes a text story about a school teacher who witnesses a flying saucer and an unsettling tale about a man named Kartu who claims to know when the world will end. But perhaps the most intriguing story is "Something Lurks Inside," which follows a human astronaut who travels beyond the galaxy only to return to Earth with no communication and a mysterious presence aboard the ship. And let's not forget "What Was the Strange Power of Simon Drudd!!", a cautionary tale about the dangerous pursuit of immortality. If you have a copy of this rare comic book, we encourage you to contact Comics Into Cash for a free appraisal or to sell your comic book collection to us for a fair price. Our reputation and experience in the industry make us the best choice for anyone looking to sell their comic books.

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