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Timothy O'Toole


High Value: $810

Minimum Value: $10

Battle #4 (1951)

True Believers, have I got a comic for you! It's none other than the thrilling Battle #4 from way back in 1951. This comic is chock-full of excitement, with not one, not two, but FOUR incredible war stories to keep you on the edge of your seat.

First up, we've got the intense Battleground of Hate, where enemies clash and bullets fly in a fierce battle. And then, we meet the one and only Two-Fisted Buck Private O'Toole. He's a tough-as-nails soldier who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty in the fight for freedom.

But that's not all, folks! We also have the heart-pumping Afraid to Fight, where a group of soldiers must overcome their fears to achieve victory. And last but certainly not least, we have Suicide Patrol, a story of courage and sacrifice that will leave you breathless.

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