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The Rifleman


High Value: $1,100

Minimum Value: $14

Four Color #1009 (1959)

In Four Color #1009, we witness a tale of good old fashioned Western justice. The story follows Lucas, who joins a posse after the Cattleman's Association is robbed of a hefty sum. Meanwhile, his trusty sidekick Mark goes fishing, as one does in the Wild West. The posse eventually tracks down the robbers, and a shootout ensues. Lucas manages to wing one of the robbers, sending his horse bolting. Mark, ever the clever one, finds the horse and takes it home. Upon his return, Lucas discovers the stolen money and dutifully brings it to the sheriff. But the story doesn't end there. The robbers return to seek their horse, and Mark must use his quick wit to stall them until Lucas can come back to save the day. This classic tale of right and wrong is not to be missed, and is sure to satisfy any fan of Western comics.

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