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The Question


High Value: $880

Minimum Value: $10

Blue Beetle #1 (1967)

Blue Beetle #1 from 1967 is a classic that any comic book collector would be lucky to own. In this story, we see the beloved Blue Beetle thwarting the Squid Gang's attempt at a heist in a fancy apartment. But, as we all know, these types of criminals never give up that easily. The Squid Gang sets their sights on a boat and almost get away with their loot, but Blue Beetle comes to the rescue once again. This time, however, the Squid Gang puts up a serious fight - but don't worry, Ted (aka Blue Beetle) takes them down and hands them over to the police. But that's not all - we're also introduced to The Question, who uncovers a racketeering ring and catches the culprits red-handed on camera. With The Question on the case, justice is always served. These two stories make for an action-packed read that any comic book fan would enjoy. And, if you happen to have a copy of Blue Beetle #1, you can trust that our team at Comics Into Cash will give you a fair appraisal and offer if you're looking to sell.

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