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The Penguin


High Value: $5,800

Minimum Value: $69

Detective Comics #126 (1947)

Detective Comics #126, also known as "Case of the Silent Songbirds," is a riveting story that follows Batman and Robin as they investigate the nefarious Penguin's latest scheme. In this issue, the Penguin has started a bird-lovers club where the members are all singers. However, when they refuse to pay large sums of money to the Penguin, he attacks them and steals their voices! As always, Batman and Robin are quick to act and must stop the Penguin before he can cause any more harm. This issue is a must-read for all comic book fans who love a good mystery and action. At Comics Into Cash, we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about the world of comic books, and this issue is just one example of the unique and exciting stories you can find in our collection. Whether you're looking to sell your own collection or simply want to add to it, trust us to provide a high-quality experience and fair prices.

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