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The Hurricane Kids


High Value: $1,400

Minimum Value: $17

Popular Comics #40 (1939)

Popular Comics #40, published in 1939, features stories from several popular comic book characters of the time, including The Human Torch, The Sub-Mariner, and The Angel.
In The Human Torch's story, he goes on a mission to stop a mad scientist from using his invention to turn all of humanity into mindless slaves.
Meanwhile, The Sub-Mariner battles an evil organization called The Black Book and their leader, who plan to use a submarine to destroy a major port city.
Lastly, The Angel must stop a gang of criminals who have taken over a major city and use their advanced technology to steal from innocent people.
All three stories showcase the exciting and action-packed adventures that were popular in comic books during this era.
At Comics Into Cash, we recognize the historical and cultural significance of vintage comics like Popular Comics #40 and are always eager to appraise and purchase collections from esteemed collectors and new enthusiasts alike. Trust us to provide fair and accurate evaluations of your comic book collection.

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