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The Eye


High Value: $3,500

Minimum Value: $42

Detective Eye #2 (1940)

Detective Eye #2 (1940) features everyone's favorite flying giant eye that fights crime! The Eye Sees stories, which take up the first three spots of the issue, introduce a floating eye that keeps tabs on wrongdoings and young ladies alike. But never fear, this unique detective is only on the lookout for criminals. The Eye Sees is depicted as a massive, talking eye surrounded by a fiery yellow aura that's sure to catch your eye! Following The Eye Sees tales, the issue showcases stories starring Airman, Pack Morgan, Don Rance, Ken Traymore, and Kid Kopper. But the true hero of the comics is no other than Detective Eye himself, a hard-nosed old policeman (though his age is unclear in the artwork) who is the best at his job. We can't wait to get our hands on this exciting issue and see what other fascinating mysteries Detective Eye solves!

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