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Terry and the Pirates


High Value: $2,500

Minimum Value: $30

Four Color #9 (1940)

Four Color #9, released in 1940, is a true classic among comic book collectors. The iconic cover features Donald Duck and his nephew Huey, Dewey, and Louie, showing off their daring adventure skills. Inside, readers are treated to a thrilling tale of the mischievous ducks as they outsmart rivals and bravely overcome obstacles.

If you're lucky enough to have a copy of Four Color #9, you may be wondering what it's worth. Well, wonder no more! Comics Into Cash is here to help. Our team of experts will give you a free appraisal for your collection, and if you decide to sell, we guarantee you a fair price.

Don't let your valuable comic book collect dust; reach out to us today and discover the true worth of your collection. Trust us, Comics Into Cash is the only place to go for the best deals and unparalleled reputation in the business.

High Value: $1,900

Minimum Value: $23

Four Color #44 (1944)

Four Color #44 (1944) is a classic comic book that is sure to delight any fan of the genre. This issue features the adventures of Mickey Mouse and his friends as they embark on a wild and exciting journey. From daring escapes to thrilling battles, this comic has it all.

In this issue, Mickey and his pals must stop the evil Dr. Einmug from using a powerful machine to destroy the world. Along the way, they encounter a series of obstacles that test their courage and ingenuity. But with a little teamwork and a lot of determination, they are able to save the day and defeat the villainous Dr. Einmug.

What makes this comic so special is its stunning artwork and engaging storyline. The illustrations are crisp and colorful, bringing the characters to life in a way that is both whimsical and thrilling. And the plot is full of twists and turns that will keep readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

At Comics Into Cash, we understand the value of classic comics like Four Color #44. That's why we're dedicated to giving fair prices and expert appraisals to those looking to sell their collections. Trust us to take care of your comics and get you the best deal possible.

High Value: $1,200

Minimum Value: $14

Four Color #101 (1946)

Four Color #101 is a relic from 1946 that you won't want to miss out on. This comic book is a classic featuring the beloved character known as Oswald the Rabbit. In this particular issue, Oswald battles his nemesis Pete the Cat in a thrilling adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat. The comic book is a beautifully illustrated piece of art that showcases the best of what comics from that era had to offer.

If you happen to have Four Color #101 in your collection, you might be holding onto a valuable piece of history. At Comics Into Cash, we understand the worth of these types of comics and are committed to giving you a fair price for your collection. Contact us for a free appraisal today and let us help you turn your inherited comics into cash. Trust us, you won't be disappointed with what we have to offer.

High Value: $1,000

Minimum Value: $12

Super Comics #16 (1939)

Super Comics #16 from 1939 is a classic and sought-after comic book that is sure to catch the eye of any avid collector. This issue features the first appearance of the superhero, Superman, in comic book form outside of his titular series, Action Comics. The story follows Clark Kent, a mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Star, as he investigates a corrupt politician's plots to further his own interests at the expense of the people of Metropolis. As Superman, he thwarts the politician's plans and delivers justice.

If you're lucky enough to have a copy of Super Comics #16 in your collection, don't hesitate to contact Comics Into Cash. We offer a free appraisal service to help you determine the fair market value of your prized possession. And if you're looking to sell your comic book collection, we guarantee to offer you a fair price for every comic book. Contact us today and let us help you turn your collection into cash!

High Value: $850

Minimum Value: $10

Crackajack Funnies #43 (1942)

Crackajack Funnies #43, published in 1942, is a true gem in the world of comics. The cover alone is enough to make any collector's heart skip a beat - with bright, vivid colors and action-packed scenes featuring characters like Sparky Watts and Huckleberry Finn. But don't let the fun and whimsy fool you, this issue tackles some serious topics.

One standout story is "The Enemy Within," which takes a hard look at Nazi saboteurs operating on American soil during World War II. The story is thrilling and suspenseful, with our heroes working tirelessly to uncover the hidden spies and foil their plans. It's a reminder of the bravery and sacrifice of our armed forces during the war - and a testament to the power of comics to address complex issues.

Overall, Crackajack Funnies #43 is a must-have for any serious collector. It's a showcase of some of the best work of the Golden Age of Comics, with colorful characters, thrilling stories, and important messages. Trust us, you won't regret adding this one to your collection.

High Value: $800

Minimum Value: $10

Popular Comics #79 (1942)

Popular Comics #79, published in 1942, boasts a thrilling cover that is sure to capture any comic book enthusiast's attention. The cover features the hero, Captain Terry Thunder, plunging into the water as he fights an underwater battle against his arch-nemesis, the villainous Iron Jaw.

Inside the pages of this comic book, readers will be drawn into a captivating story of adventure, heroism, and the fight against evil. Captain Terry Thunder, a former pilot turned adventurer, and his loyal sidekick, Dead-Eye Dick, embark on a mission to stop Iron Jaw from using a secret weapon to destroy an entire city. With pulse-pounding action and suspense, this story will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

At Comics Into Cash, we understand the value of classic comic books like Popular Comics #79. Our team of experts is knowledgeable in all things comic books and can provide an accurate appraisal for those looking to sell their collection. Trust us to give you the best value for your beloved comic book collection.

High Value: $800

Minimum Value: $10

Popular Comics #81 (1942)

Popular Comics #81, published in 1942, features a thrilling adventure of the beloved superhero, The Human Torch. In this issue, he faces off against a menacing villain named The Vulture, who uses his advanced technology to commit daring crimes and evade the law.

As The Human Torch races to stop The Vulture's schemes, he also learns of a hidden underwater city filled with advanced technology and treasure. Can he navigate the dangers of both The Vulture and the underwater city to save the day?

This action-packed issue of Popular Comics showcases the exciting heroics and thrilling adventures that have cemented The Human Torch as a fan favorite for generations. Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of comic book history. Let Comics Into Cash give you a fair appraisal and purchase your collection today.

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