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Ted Dolliver


High Value: $5,400

Minimum Value: $64

All-American Comics #7 (1939)

In All-American Comics #7, readers are in for a treat as they get to indulge in a variety of stories. The issue is packed with content, including The American Way Part 3, which continues the patriotic saga of John Wentworth and Walter Galli. Plus, Flying Lessons starring Hop Harrigan sees our hero giving flying lessons to Gerry's parents. But that's not all—Scribbly also returns in Old Cuthbert, while Red, White and Blue makes an appearance in Midsummer In New York. The issue also features Believe It or Not by Robert L. Ripley, Mutt and Jeff strips by Al Smith, and Beginning the Search starring Ben Webster, script and art by Edwin Alger. And let's not forget A Thousand Years A Minute- Part 1--Adventures in the Unknown, script by Carl H Claudy, art by Stan Aschmeier, in which Ted and Alan find themselves in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and, upon their return, no one believes they've just come back from Mars, except for Dr. Lazar. This issue is a must-have for any comic book collector and is sure to add value to any collection.

High Value: $4,800

Minimum Value: $57

All-American Comics #13 (1940)

In this particular issue, we find an epic showdown between Gary Concord, the Ultra-Man, and Tor as he seeks to wreak havoc on America. Using a secret foam, Concord puts Tor's country to sleep, saving the day once again. Also included are humorous Mutt and Jeff strips, interesting Believe It or Not tidbits, and thrilling stories of brave pilots and spies. If you happen to have a copy of this book, do not hesitate to contact us for a free appraisal or to sell your collection. Our team at Comics Into Cash takes pride in providing fair prices and excellent service to all of our clients.

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