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Super Duck


High Value: $3,800

Minimum Value: $45

Super Duck Comics #1 (1944)

Super Duck Comics #1 of 1944 is a classic comic book that has stood the test of time. It features the titular character Super Duck, a suave and heroic duck who battles evil villains in an effort to save the day.

In this first issue, Super Duck faces off against a sinister gang of criminals who have taken over the city. Armed with his trusty weapons and quick wit, Super Duck must fight his way through endless hordes of bad guys to bring peace and justice back to the streets.

But it's not just action and adventure that makes Super Duck Comics #1 so memorable. The comic is also full of charming, lighthearted moments that will make readers smile and feel nostalgic for a simpler time.

Overall, Super Duck Comics #1 is a must-read for any comic fan, especially those who love classic Golden Age tales. With its mix of action, humor, and heart, this book is sure to be a treasured addition to anyone's collection.

High Value: $1,000

Minimum Value: $12

Super Duck Comics #2 (1944)

Super Duck Comics #2, published in 1944, follows the adventures of a duck named Super Duck as he fights crime and defends his city. In this particular issue, Super Duck faces off against the villainous weatherman, who uses his control over the elements to wreak havoc on the city. With his trusty sidekick, Little Rubber, by his side, Super Duck must save the day and restore order to the town.

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