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High Value: $3,800

Minimum Value: $45

Fight Comics #15 (1941)

Fight Comics #15, published in 1941, features the courageous and skilled Yankee Boy. In this issue, Yankee Boy is sent on a mission to rescue a group of American soldiers who have been taken captive by the ruthless Nazi army. With quick thinking and bravery, Yankee Boy infiltrates the enemy compound and successfully frees the captive soldiers. Along the way, he also takes down Nazi soldiers and saves innocent lives. The story is a testament to the bravery and heroism of American soldiers during World War II. This classic comic is a must-have for any collector interested in the historical significance of comics and their impact on American culture. Trust us at Comics Into Cash to provide you with knowledgeable appraisals and top prices for your cherished collection.

High Value: $3,500

Minimum Value: $42

Fight Comics #16 (1941)

Fight Comics #16 (1941) features the thrilling adventures of the famous jungle hero, Kaanga. In this particular issue, Kaanga finds himself in a dangerous situation when he discovers a treacherous plot against his village. With his quick thinking and exceptional fighting skills, Kaanga must outsmart his enemies and save the day.

If you happen to have this classic comic book in your collection, don't hesitate to reach out to Comics Into Cash for a free appraisal or the opportunity to sell your collection for a fair price. Our knowledgeable team is well-versed in all things comic books and we pride ourselves on our reputation for fair deals and excellent customer service. Let us help you turn your comic book collection into cash today!

High Value: $2,600

Minimum Value: $31

Fight Comics #17 (1942)

In the annals of comic book history, few issues can match the sheer visceral impact of Fight Comics #17. Released in 1942, this masterpiece of the genre features all the elements that have made comics such a beloved medium: epic battles between good and evil, stunning artwork that practically shimmers off the page, and character development that will leave you breathless.

At the heart of the story is the character of Spy Smasher, a daring hero who takes on the might of the Nazi war machine in a thrilling adventure that spans continents and defies expectation. But it's not just Spy Smasher who shines in this issue - the supporting cast are just as well-developed, with complex motivations and personalities that will keep you glued to the edge of your seat.

If you're lucky enough to own a copy of Fight Comics #17, you possess a true treasure of the comic book world. And if you're ready to part ways with your collection, know that Comics Into Cash is the premiere destination for collectors looking to get the best value for their beloved books. We pride ourselves on our reputation for fairness and expertise, and we'll work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get top dollar for your collection. Contact us today for a free appraisal and let us show you why we're the trusted name in comic book acquisitions.

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