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High Value: $1,600

Minimum Value: $20

Marvel Preview #4 (1976)

Marvel Preview #4 (1976) is the perfect comic book for those who seek adventure beyond the boundaries of our world. Within its pages lies the cosmic origin story of one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel universe, Star-Lord. This thrilling tale takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth, now a poisoned wasteland, where humanity has ventured into the stars on ships to create new civilizations. However, the fear of the unknown looms large, and interstellar conflicts cause a small group to flee and seek refuge. This comic is a must-read for those who love stories of epic proportions and heroic characters. Marvel Preview #4 (1976) is a timeless classic that will take you on an otherworldly journey that you'll never forget. Plus, it features the first appearance of one of the most iconic heroes in Marvel history, Star-Lord. At Comics Into Cash, we understand the sentimental and financial value of such a collectible comic book. If you're looking to sell your collection, we're here to give you the best possible price and service that you can trust.

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