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Snuffy Smith


High Value: $2,600

Minimum Value: $31

Ace Comics #5 (1937)

Ace Comics #5, published in 1937, features the debut of one of the first female superheroes in comic book history, the legendary Miss Fury. Written and illustrated by Tarpe Mills, Miss Fury was ahead of her time, displaying strength, independence, and a fierce determination to fight evil. In this particular issue, Miss Fury faces off against the evil twin sister of her love interest, Gary Hale, in a thrilling battle of good versus evil. If you are lucky enough to have this rare and valuable comic book in your collection, Comics Into Cash would be honored to offer you a free appraisal or a fair price to purchase your collection. We pride ourselves on our reputation as experts in comic book history and value, and we would be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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