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Skip O'Hare


High Value: $850

Minimum Value: $10

Comedy Comics #12 (1942)

Comedy Comics #12, from the year of 1942, is a true diamond in the rough of comic book history. This classic gem features the comedic capers of the one and only Laughing Mask, as he faces off against a villain who's up to no good.

With its vibrant cover art, including the bright colors and dynamic action scenes, it's no surprise that this comic book is highly sought after by collectors and fans alike. For those who are looking to add this rare comic to their collection, look no further.

At Comics Into Cash, we are experts at appraising and acquiring vintage comic book collections. If you have a copy of Comedy Comics #12 in your collection, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We offer free appraisals and fair prices for all collections that come our way.

Trust us to give your collection the attention and care it deserves. Contact us today and let's get you the cash you deserve for your vintage comic treasures.

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