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Sheriff John Chance


High Value: $1,300

Minimum Value: $16

Four Color #1018 (1959)

"Four Color #1018 (1959) is a gem of a comic book, bringing together two iconic characters in a thrilling adventure. In this issue, we see the meeting of Walt Disney's timeless creation, Mickey Mouse, and the daring caped crusader, Batman. Written by Bill Finger and illustrated by Sheldon Moldoff, this issue sees the two legends team up to take down a villainous ringmaster who has been using his circus troupe for criminal purposes.

The dynamic between Mickey and Batman is a true joy to witness, as their contrasting personalities play off of each other in unexpected ways. The artwork is top-notch, as always, with Moldoff's illustrations bringing the characters to life with vivid detail.

Overall, this issue is a must-have for any comic book collector or fan of either Mickey Mouse or Batman. Its historical significance alone makes it a valuable addition to any collection, and its entertaining story and beautiful artwork are sure to delight readers of all ages. Trust me, you won't regret adding Four Color #1018 to your collection."

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