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High Value: $3,200

Minimum Value: $39

Pocket Comics #1 (1941)

Pocket Comics #1, published in 1941, is a collector's dream come true. This legendary piece of comic book history features some of the most iconic characters from the Golden Age of comics, all in one incredible issue.

First up, we have "The Saboteur From Hell", starring none other than Satan himself. This thrilling story follows the ultimate evil as he tries to sabotage the war effort, only to be stopped by a brave hero.

Next, we have "The Red Blazer", and the thrilling origin story of this classic character. The Red Blazer is the ultimate vigilante, fighting for justice and taking down the bad guys no matter what.

"The Spirit of '76" also gets its origin story in this anthology comic, featuring the iconic American hero as he fights for freedom during the Revolutionary War.

Black Cat, a classic feline-themed superhero, also gets its origin story in Pocket Comics #1. Follow along as our hero takes on evil-doers and saves the day time and time again.

In "The Phantom Sphinx", we follow along with one of the most intriguing characters in comics history. This mysterious hero takes on bad guys and evildoers with a vengeance, always staying one step ahead.

We also get a glimpse into the world of international espionage with "British Agent 99", featuring the daring and dangerous exploits of a daring spy.

Follow along as "The Zebra" faces trial for murder in a gripping courtroom drama, and see if justice will prevail.

And finally, we have the adventure of a lifetime with "The Mysterious Island". This fantastical tale features Spin Hawkins as he travels to a far-off land and encounters all sorts of incredible creatures and characters.

Overall, Pocket Comics #1 is an absolute must-have for any serious comic book collector. With such a rich history and so many incredible stories, it's no wonder it has become such an iconic piece of comic book history.

High Value: $3,000

Minimum Value: $36

Pocket Comics #2 (1941)

Pocket Comics #2 (1941) is an absolute classic and a must-have for any true comic book collector. This gem of a comic contains seven stories that are sure to transport you back to the Golden Age of comics.

One of the standout stories is "Captain Freedom," which follows the titular hero as he battles a nefarious villain known as the Black Shark. The stakes are high as Captain Freedom fights to prevent the Black Shark from destroying a vital piece of American infrastructure.

Another exciting tale in this issue is "Ted O'Neil and the G-Men." In this story, Ted O'Neil and his team of government agents must thwart a group of spies who are plotting to steal top-secret military plans.

Overall, Pocket Comics #2 (1941) is a fantastic addition to any comic book collection, and its historical significance cannot be overstated. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of comic book history!

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