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High Value: $850

Minimum Value: $10

Archie's Rival Reggie #3 (1951)

Archie's Rival Reggie #3 from 1951 features a collection of amusing tales that are sure to entertain any comic book fan. In "Call of the Wild," Jughead uses hypnotism on Reggie to play a prank on him after Reggie gives him a hot foot. Meanwhile, "Come Sit with Me" follows Archie's babysitting service, which includes Betty, Veronica, and Jughead, getting interrupted by Reggie's disguised voice. He wants to pull a gag on Veronica, but ends up with someone else. In "Hot Seat," Reggie's electric cushion backfires, and Miss Grundy takes a shocking seat. "On the Rocks" features Reggie getting hurt while diving in shallow water, while in "The Tree Bears," Archie tries to make money to take Veronica out, and Reggie tries to thwart his efforts. Lastly, "Reggie's Good Deed!" sees Reggie mistakenly believing that Archie is dying, and he rallies everyone to raise money for a specialist in New York. As a reputable comic book business, Comics Into Cash highly recommends Archie's Rival Reggie #3 to any collector or comic book fan.

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