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High Value: $2,100

Minimum Value: $26

Strange Tales #94 (1962)

Have you come across Strange Tales #94? If you have, you might want to consider getting it appraised or selling it to us for a fair price. This 1962 comic book is packed with four fascinating stories that involve an alien traveler from the future, a killer weed monster, the notorious space pirate Pildorr the Plunderer, and a sentient spaceship.

The tales in this book will take you on a journey through space and back, as you encounter extraterrestrial beings, monstrous creatures, and sentient vessels. The first story, "I Was A Decoy For Pildorr," will transport you to a universe filled with pirates, treasure, and adventure. "The Treasure" will take you on a journey through a planet overrun by a deadly weed monster, and "Save Me from the Weed!" will make you question how you would survive on such a planet. "He Came from Nowhere!" is a tale about an alien traveler, while "Help!" is an adventure about a sentient spaceship.

If you're wondering whether your copy of Strange Tales #94 is valuable or not, reach out to us for a free appraisal. We are Comics Into Cash and we specialize in purchasing comic book collections from people who have inherited, collected, or outgrown them. Our website boasts Top 100 lists and price guides to showcase our expertise and to help you determine the value of your comic book collection. We are known for our trustworthiness and our reputation in the business. So if you have any valuable comic books that you wish to sell, Comics Into Cash is the way to go.

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