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Paul Harper


High Value: $2,100

Minimum Value: $25

Amazing Adventures #3 (1961)

In this particular comic book, a thrilling tale takes place as a young man and his girlfriend find themselves trapped in the mysterious Age of Dinosaurs. The story is filled with action-packed adventure as they navigate this dangerous world and try to find their way back home. Along with this exciting plotline, the comic also features captivating stories such as 'We Were Trapped In The Twilight World!', 'The Masterpiece', 'The Teddy Bear', 'Doctor Droom Meets Zemu!' and more.
If you happen to be the proud owner of Amazing Adventures #3 (1961), we would love to offer you a free appraisal or an opportunity to sell your comic book collection directly to us. Our business specializes in purchasing inherited comic collections and we pride ourselves on offering fair prices to our customers. Trust in our reputation and contact us today to take the first step in selling your collection.

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