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High Value: $1,300

Minimum Value: $16

Famous Funnies #43 (1938)

Famous Funnies #43 is a vintage comic book from 1938. It features a variety of short comics, including one titled "The Invisible Monster." In this story, a scientist invents an invisibility serum and tests it on himself, but he soon discovers that the serum has a dangerous and unpredictable side effect. The story is filled with suspense and action, and it's sure to captivate any reader who loves sci-fi and adventure. As experts in the comic book industry, we know the value of rare and iconic issues like Famous Funnies #43. If you're looking to sell your collection or get an appraisal, our team at Comics Into Cash can provide you with trustworthy and professional service. Let us help you turn your comics into cash today.

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