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Munch's animated construct


High Value: $2,200

Minimum Value: $27

Strange Tales #82 (1961)

This baby right here is a classic. Strange Tales #82, published in 1961, is the real deal. Not only does it feature The Thing Called...It!, but it also includes stories like The Utopia, The World Beyond, and Fangs of the Monster. This is the kind of comic that gets your heart racing and your palms sweating. If you happen to have a copy of this beauty tucked away in your collection, you know you're sitting on something big. And that's where we come in. Comics Into Cash is the name, and we're the experts in buying and appraising comic book collections. We've got the know-how to give you a fair price, and the reputation to back it up. Contact us now for a free appraisal, and let's get that collection moving. Trust us, you won't regret it.

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