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Millie the Model


High Value: $1,000

Minimum Value: $13

A Date with Millie #1 (1956)

When it comes to classic comics, there are few as beloved as "A Date with Millie #1." This gem from 1956 is packed with stories that are sure to transport readers back to a simpler time.

The comic is chock-full of tales centering around Millie, from the titular "A Date with Millie" story to "Millie Models" and "Millie's Mirthquakes." Each story is bursting with heart and humor, making for a delightful read from cover to cover.

In addition to the stories themselves, the book also features fun extras like a coloring page and fashion pages featuring Chili. And for those who prefer a little prose with their comics, "A New Beau" is a charming text story that rounds out the collection.

Overall, "A Date with Millie #1" is a true treasure for comic book enthusiasts. Its timeless stories and playful characters are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. If you're looking to add a classic comic to your collection, this is one you won't want to miss. Trust us, we know our comic books.

High Value: $910

Minimum Value: $11

Millie the Model Annual #1 (1962)

This edition of Millie the Model Annual #1, published in 1962, is a must-have for any avid comic book collector. In this timeless tale, young Millie finds herself in the middle of a fashion-forward adventure as she becomes entangled in a plot to steal a valuable necklace from a fashion show. The story, illustrated by the legendary Stan Goldberg, is a true classic and offers a glimpse into the cultural values of 1960s America.

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