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Mike Rugger


High Value: $2,900

Minimum Value: $34

Amazing Adult Fantasy #12 (1962)

Amazing Adult Fantasy #12 (1962) is a true gem in the world of comic books. The creative minds of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko bring us a collection of stories that are nothing short of amazing. In "Melvin And The Martian!", Melvin Burns risks everything in a bet against a Martian. "I, The Gargoyle!" tells the tale of a man who sacrifices himself for the greater good of humanity. In "Something Fantastig?", Stan and Steve struggle to come up with their next story before a visitor shows up with a surprise. "The Plague!" sees an evil dictator declaring war while his country suffers from a deadly outbreak. Finally, in "The Living Statues!", Mike Rugge stumbles upon a world where every living thing has turned to stone. If you have this treasure in your collection, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a free appraisal or an opportunity to sell your collection to us. Our reputation speaks for itself, and we guarantee you a fair price for your valuable comics.

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