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Lucille Ball


High Value: $2,800

Minimum Value: $34

Four Color #535 (1954)

This comic book, Four Color #535, is a true gem of the comic world. In its pages, you'll find three delightful stories that are sure to tickle your funny bone and warm your heart. The first story, "The Midnight Snack," follows the adventures of Donald Duck as he tries to satisfy his late-night cravings with some cheese. Of course, things don't go quite as planned, and hilarity ensues.

The second story, "Suds in Your Eyes," features the lovable Goofy as he tries his hand at washing his car. As you can imagine, things don't quite go according to plan, and poor Goofy ends up soaking wet and covered in soap suds. But through it all, he maintains his trademark good humor and contagious laugh.

Finally, we have "Strike Up the Band," a story that stars Mickey Mouse and his friends as they put on a musical extravaganza. But when a villainous fox tries to ruin the show, our heroes must band together to save the day.

Overall, Four Color #535 is a joy to read, filled with humor, heart, and plenty of hijinks. Whether you're a longtime fan of these beloved Disney characters or a newcomer to the world of comics, this book is sure to entertain and delight. So why not add it to your collection today? You won't regret it!

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