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King Oscar


High Value: $880

Minimum Value: $10

Leading Comics #15 (1945)

In Leading Comics #15, you're in for a treat with a mix of action, adventure, and humor. We've got a little bit of everything here, from the tale of King Oscar and his square head trying to fit in at the round table, to the hilarious antics of Spylot Bones in high places. Frankie and Fanny Flipper take a tumble with "The Falling Fall Guy" while Hugo Hornspred becomes a "Backwoods Blockbuster." Pelican Pete is on the case with "The Mysterious Message" while Patrick Parrot gives us an unusual yet amusing explanation for how giraffes became so long-necked. Nero Fox takes us to Rome with "Boogey Woogey on the Tiber!" and Patchy makes an appearance as our cute and cuddly character. Lastly, Captain Tootsie steps up to the plate to capture the menacing Red Terror! It's a comic book collection that has something for all comic book enthusiasts. Trust us, we know our comics.

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