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Kenton of the Star Patrol


High Value: $2,800

Minimum Value: $33

Strange Worlds #1 (1950)

Strange Worlds #1, published in 1950, is a classic comic book that transports readers to new and exciting dimensions. The issue features four captivating stories that follow travelers as they journey through time and space.

The first story, "The Man Who Could Fly," tells the tale of a scientist who invents a gravity-defying serum that allows him to soar through the air like a bird. However, his thirst for fame and fortune proves to be his downfall.

Next, "The Diamond of Doom" introduces readers to a brave explorer who ventures deep into the jungle to find a precious gem. But as he fights his way through dangerous obstacles, he soon realizes that the diamond may be cursed.

"The Menace of the Invisible World" takes readers to another dimension where a group of scientists must save the world from a powerful and vengeful entity. And finally, "The Secret of the Sphinx" follows an archaeologist as he uncovers the mystery behind the ancient Egyptian structure.

Overall, Strange Worlds #1 is a must-read for comic book fans who crave adventure and intrigue. Its timeless stories continue to captivate readers today, making it a valuable addition to any comic book collection.

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