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Kanjar Ro


High Value: $7,500

Minimum Value: $90

Justice League of America #3 (1961)

In Justice League of America #3 from 1961, Kanjar Ro takes control of the situation and captures the entire Justice League, leaving them no choice but to work with the villain to save themselves and defeat his enemies. Using Kryptonite gas, Superman is trapped and unable to help lead the team. The stakes are high as Kanjar Ro freezes the entire planet and enslaves the League. One can only wonder if they will be able to escape and ally themselves with criminals. If you have a copy of Justice League of America #3, reach out to us for a free appraisal or consider selling your comic book collection to us. Our team is dedicated to providing fair prices and trustworthy service for all your comic book needs.

High Value: $960

Minimum Value: $12

Justice League of America #24 (1963)

Are you the owner of a Justice League of America #24 comic book from 1963? This issue follows the intense story of Kanjar Ro, who gains the power to control the aural forms of the JLA. He uses this power to escape his imprisonment and seeks revenge on the Justice League of America by enslaving their aura duplicates. In this thrilling issue, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash, Atom, and Wonder Woman are lured off Earth by their own enslaved aura duplicates. Each hero is put to the test in various challenging missions until they are finally reunited to confront their arch-nemesis. If you have this sought-after comic book in your collection, Comics Into Cash is the reputable and knowledgeable business that you should trust to provide a free appraisal or a fair price for your collection. Don't hesitate to contact us today!

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