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Jonah Hex


High Value: $2,100

Minimum Value: $26

All-Star Western #10 (1972)

Garbed in a worn Confederate Army uniform, All-Star Western's Jonah Hex was the stuff of Wild West legend. His disfigured facial features represented Cain and Abel, with a good side and a bad side, that made the townspeople of Paradise Falls fear him. However, Hex was also the man to call when you needed someone to rid your town of marauders like Big Jim and his raiders. One by one, Hex brought them down, collecting a $100 bounty per head. After eliminating Big Jim, he even donated some of his bounty to pay off the property tax for a local widow and her son. Unfortunately, the town's businessmen refused to sell the "savage" a property and the widow threatened to kill him for being a bad influence on her son. The bounty hunter dissuaded the boy from following him and rode off alone to the next destination. Fans loved Jonah Hex, and he quickly became the series' main attraction, with other stars fading into the background. All-Star Western #10 is a must-read for fans of the Wild West and a classic in comic book history.

High Value: $850

Minimum Value: $10

All-Star Western #11 (1972)

Okay, are you a fan of westerns? Do you have a collection of comics with a western theme? Well, have you heard of All-Star Western #11? This issue features a story called 'The Hundred Dollar Deal!' where Jonah Hex finds himself in a bind after someone tries to steal his horse. Instead of punishing the thief, Hex strikes a deal with him - $100 if he can safely escort him home. It's a story of redemption and trust that'll have you flipping through the pages until the end. And if you happen to have this issue in your collection, Comics Into Cash would be happy to offer you a free appraisal or a fair price if you're looking to sell. Trust us, we know comic books, and we know how to give you a fair deal.

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