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Johnny Farrel


High Value: $3,100

Minimum Value: $38

Strange Adventures #8 (1951)

Strange Adventures #8 (1951) is a must-read for true comic book aficionados. Gardner Fox introduces an ape who claims to be a human genius, but is he really as harmless as he seems? Meanwhile, John Broome takes readers on a thrilling journey through time and space, as Allyn Drake learns the future from an unusual object. And if you're looking for laughs, don't miss the humorous strips featuring Robbie the Robot and Professor Brainstorm. But that's not all - there's also a tale of love and rebellion in Robert Starr's "Revolt of the Humans," and a cautionary PSA with Buzzy Brown. Plus, you won't want to miss Manny Rubin's "The Great Rocket Hoax" - this story is stranger than fiction! If you're lucky enough to own this rare comic, don't hesitate to contact Comics Into Cash. We provide free appraisals and fair prices for collections of any size. Let our knowledgeable team help you turn your inherited comics into cash today!

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