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Jimmie Dugan


High Value: $2,000

Minimum Value: $24

The Funnies #8 (1937)

The Funnies #8 (1937) is a classic comic book that takes you on an exciting adventure through the pages. This issue features a mix of different stories, including "Wash Tubbs in the Tropics" and "Seaweed Sam." It's a great read for anyone who loves a good comic book, and it's also a valuable addition to any collection.

As a trusted and reputable comic book business, Comics Into Cash knows the value of rare and unique finds like The Funnies #8. We specialize in purchasing comic book collections from people who have inherited them, and we pride ourselves on providing fair and honest appraisals.

So if you have a collection of comic books, including The Funnies #8, that you're looking to sell, look no further than Comics Into Cash. We're here to help you turn your comic books into cash.

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