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Jackie Gleason


High Value: $2,800

Minimum Value: $33

Jackie Gleason #1 (1955)

Jackie Gleason #1 (1955) is a comic book that features the iconic comedian in a series of humorous situations. Written by Harvey Kurtzman and illustrated by Basil Wolverton, the comics capture the essence of Gleason's comedic style and his larger-than-life personality. In this issue, Gleason takes on a variety of roles, from a hapless boxer to a bumbling detective, all while delivering laughs aplenty. Whether you're a fan of classic comedy or simply looking for a fun read, Jackie Gleason #1 is a must-read for any collector. So, if you're looking to add this gem to your collection, be sure to get in touch with Comics Into Cash, where we're experts in appraising and buying comic book collections. Trust us, you won't be disappointed!

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