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High Value: $4,800

Minimum Value: $57

All-American Comics #14 (1940)

All-American Comics #14 (1940) is a true gem that every comic book enthusiast should add to their collection! This exciting issue takes us on a thrilling journey through a variety of different stories and characters, each with their own unique plotlines and stunning illustrations.

One of the standout stories in this issue is 'Mystery of Spott Field' starring Red, White, and Blue. Penned by legendary writer Jerry Siegel and illustrated by William Smith, this tale follows Doris and the boys as they try to solve a case on their own while Red is laid up in the hospital. Action-packed and filled with twists and turns, this story is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Other highlights include Al Smith's beloved 'Mutt and Jeff' strips, Robert L. Ripley's 'Believe It or Not,' and Jon L. Blummer's 'Is Silas Cross Hop's Guardian?' which sees Hop Harrigan facing off against his own guardian.

If you're a fan of classic comic books, All-American Comics #14 is a must-read. With its engaging stories, gorgeous illustrations, and timeless charm, it's no wonder that this issue has remained a fan favorite for more than 80 years! And if you're looking to sell your own collection, look no further than Comics Into Cash - we're experts in all things comics and can ensure you get top dollar for your valuable collection.

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