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Green Lantern and Green Arrow


High Value: $7,500

Minimum Value: $90

Green Lantern #76 (1970)

Green Lantern #76, written by Denny O'Neil and illustrated by Neal Adams, marked a turning point in comic book history. It's a story about two superheroes with different beliefs who work together to stop a slumlord from destroying a teenager's home. Green Lantern, a member of the intergalactic "establishment," thought he was doing his job by stopping a disgruntled teen from harassing a businessman. Green Arrow, a counter-culture representative, saw otherwise. He pointed out that the businessman Green Lantern had rescued was actually a slumlord planning to tear down the teenager's apartment building.

Both heroes took different approaches in trying to convince the businessman not to go through with his plans, though together they brought him to justice after he orchestrated a hit on Green Arrow. The story touched on real-world issues, which helped launch comic books into a more socially relevant era. It also led to the Guardians, who oversee the Green Lantern Corps, chastising Green Lantern for resorting to means that were not in line with being a Green Lantern.

This story was a breakthrough in comic book history. It tackled real-world problems and presented issues in a grey area that had been traditionally viewed in black and white terms. The impact of Green Lantern #76 is evident today, as it is homaged by other comics in the future. At Comics Into Cash, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of comics like Green Lantern #76. We understand their worth and their impact on comic book history. Trust us to give you the best appraisal for your collection.

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