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High Value: $2,400

Minimum Value: $28

Journey into Mystery #72 (1961)

Journey into Mystery #72, published in 1961, is a comic book that features four gripping and mysterious stories. The first story, "The Glob," follows a scientist who discovers a strange, shape-shifting creature that threatens to engulf the entire city. In "The Sorcerer," a young boy must use his wits to outsmart a powerful magician who has been terrorizing his village. "The Patient in Room 3D" introduces readers to a hospital patient who seems to possess supernatural powers, much to the concern of the medical staff. Finally, "Will This Be the End of the World?" sees the planet under threat from a mysterious force that could spell the end for all humankind. If you're a fan of thrilling and enigmatic tales, this issue is a must-read. Trust us at Comics Into Cash, we know our comics and this is one you don't want to miss.

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