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giant scorpion


High Value: $2,000

Minimum Value: $24

Journey into Mystery #82 (1962)

Journey into Mystery #82 is a must-read for comic book enthusiasts out there who loves to solve mysteries! This issue contains five unique and intriguing stories that will surely keep you hooked. The first story is titled "The Scorpion Strikes!" where the villainous Scorpion tries to get his hands on a secret formula. Meanwhile, "The Heat's On!" features a criminal's attempt to escape from the long arm of the law.

Moving on to the third story entitled "I Am the Prisoner of the Voodoo King!", where a well-known adventurer named Joe Conrad becomes a prisoner of the Voodoo king! If that's not enough to pique your curiosity, there's also "The Next Galaxy" where an alien spy has found a way to infiltrate human households through the sale of chairs at suspiciously low prices. Yes, you read that right, robotic chairs!

Those who love a good mystery and sci-fi genre will absolutely enjoy Journey into Mystery #82. At Comics Into Cash, we value our reputation as comic book experts, and we can assure you that this issue is a gem! For those looking to sell their comic book collection, reach out to us, and we'll provide you with the best appraisal possible.

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